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Pull into the parking lot, taking time to notice the announcements and witticisms on our church sign.
You’ll see a large parking lot narrowing to a single lane that leads around the back of the building. We’d
recommend you park in that narrow lane, because that’s where you’ll find the front door of the church.
Open that door and you’ll come face to face with Ed Ballenger, a man who has never met a person he
didn’t already like. Ed will be the first of many who will want to shake your hand and get to know you;
might be a good idea to do some hand-strengthening exercises in preparation for your first time here.
(Kidding, mostly).
You’ll see the sanctuary on your left; continue straight down the hallway ahead of you and you’ll find
childcare for your little ones and Sunday School programs for your not-so-little-anymore ones as well.

All Sunday School classes begin at 9:45; adults and youth meet in our newly-constructed Education Center
just behind the sanctuary building.
We take pride in our traditional worship here at Covenant. Hymns and children’s sermons are
interspersed by choral anthems and the regular corporate singing of the Doxology. Sermons at Covenant
come from the Lectionary, a 3-year calendar of selected Old and New Testament passages centered
around a particular theme every week of the year. Communion is celebrated once a quarter and most
Sundays you’ll find the service over as the clock strikes noon.
We’re friendly here; it’s a regular practice for a gaggle of assorted church members to meet and greet
visitors. There’s no agenda here; we’re just grateful you’ve chosen to spend your Sunday morning
worshipping alongside us at Covenant. You’ll have an opportunity to share your information with the
church via the Guest Information slip attached to your bulletin. Fill that out and put it in the offering
plate when they’re passed.

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