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As members of this Body of Christ, committed to God and His missions, we will strive:

To seek truth based upon the Bible, God's inspired Word,

To use and teach the Scriptures as the guide for our daily living,

To worship God with reverence,

To evangelize and witness with dignity and respect,

To confess our sins and encourage one another to accept

God's forgiving grace,

To observe the ordinances of Believer's Baptism and the

Lord's Supper as taught by the Scriptures,

To affirm the Priesthood of the Believer and the inclusiveness

of the Kingdom of God,

To encourage all members to follow a call to serve in the

Kingdom of God as laypersons and clergypersons,

To practice a careful stewardship of gifts and talents through

the ministries of the church,

To pursue peace and reconciliation in our community and

among all people,

To support missions locally and throughout the world, and

  To nurture a caring fellowship which is autonomous within the Baptist family and the Christian church.


We commit ourselves to these basic principles of faith, striving to

reflect the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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